Our Process

At TNB we customize every part of our work around you and your project. Below you’ll find a general guide to our process to better understand the steps involved. Each individual project will be guided by the best practice to achieve your specific goals.

Phase 1 - Planning and Designing

Getting to know you
We want to understand your project goals for the space. This includes your aesthetic preferences, needs and goals for the space, budget, and ideal timeline. Based on what we learn we’ll make a tailored plan for your project. Your priorities and requirements will help us shape your space and define the scope. 

Visualizing Your Space
Drawing from our initial meeting, we'll present sketches and layouts to showcase our vision for your space, adjusting as needed based on your feedback.

Material Selection:
To hone in on your style, we'll provide a collection of carefully chosen materials and mood boards.

Phase 2 – Building the Plan

Building the Plans
To help with visualization we’ll put together renderings and/or a 3D model of your space. Your 3D “walk through” will give you a sense of how it comes together and help you ensure the space meets all your practical needs.


Refining the Plans
Through collaboration, we'll make tweaks which may involve adjustments to layout, materials or fixtures.

Adding the Details
The plans will be fleshed out with details like tile selections, Plumbing and lighting fixtures, cabinetry, doors and moldings.

Design Integration
To ensure seamless integration, we'll coordinate with consultants like structural and mechanical engineers so that their plans and style align with your goals.
 We'll also handle submitting the plans to relevant authorities like your building management or Co-op board, the City’s Department of Buildings, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission. We'll work with those agencies to address any concerns and to ensure a smooth approval process.

Phase 3: Bringing the Design to Life

Comparing Contractor Bids
We'll review the final drawings with contractors that are a good fit for the project to ensure they understand the scope and can provide accurate costs and timelines.
We can introduce you to potential contractors to find the perfect fit for your project. We'll organize and compare bids, ensuring competitive pricing of the project in the final quote. Or you can bring your favorite contractor to us!

Construction Oversight
Throughout construction, we'll maintain a presence on site to ensure the plans are followed closely. We'll address any changes that arise and work collaboratively to find solutions.

Keeping You Informed
Regular site visits, meeting minutes, and photo updates will keep you informed of the progress. We’ll also handle inspections or coordinate with necessary agencies on your behalf.
 We’ll carefully review payment requests from the general contractor to ensure they reflect the work completed on your project for each time period.

Phase 4: Final Walkthrough

Before final payments are released, we'll conduct a final walkthrough with the entire team, including you, the contractor, and any subcontractors involved to make sure your space is ready for move-in.

Reviewing the Punch list
We’ll work with the contractor to review and approve their punch list, ensuring all minor details are completed to your satisfaction.
 Coordinating Move-In: We can assist in coordinating your move-in date, ensuring a smooth transition into your new home.
Final Touches
Whether your new house requires delivery and installation of preplanned furniture or movers who pack and move your existing belongings we have trusted partners who will clean and move you back in. 

Your new space is ready for you take it from a house to a home. Enjoy.