Our Process

At TNB we customize every part of our work around you and your project. Below you’ll find a general guide to our process to better understand the steps involved. Each individual project will be guided by the best practice to achieve your specific goals.

Phase 1 - Planning and Designing

Getting to know you • Priorities • Making Decisions • Design Drawings

Meeting 1 – Getting To Know You
Meeting 2 – Proposing Designs
Meeting 3 – Making Decisions
Meeting 4 – Lighting And Detailed Drawings

We review your project goals and needs. Tell us about the home you want, what is important to you and why. We will review your timeframe and any other priorities. we will get a general sense of your aesthetic to propose designs in the right direction. 

We meet to finalize the massing and layouts and focus on the materials used. So much of how a space feels is determined by the surfaces and materials. We'll bring you samples so you can touch things and pick out everything that will make your house feel right.  We look at door, floor, and molding preferences. For example: Are there any grand spaces? Are main entries that need to be prioritized? Finally, millwork locations are identified. 

We present you with 2-3 overall designs based on our initial call. We look at the pros and cons and tradeoffs for the options and combine or narrow them down based on your preferences. A look at inspirational images help us get a better sense of your material preferences.

In this meeting we tie the main materials and aesthetic into the lighting layouts. As the house takes shape we focus on nailing the details of your custom built-ins, kitchens and bathrooms. All this information allows us to created detailed visualization to show you what the spaces will look like. 

Phase 2 - Bidding and Construction

Construction Documentation And Approvals • File With Governing Agencies

Construction documentation and approvals
File With Governing Agencies

We get the plans from all consultants and coordinate them with your layouts and set. While that is happening we take a closer look at all of your requirements and fold them into the set looking at things like how much space things take up. We work with vendors to ensure the products being used are not just the best fit but are also available and can be delivered to fit within the project's timeline.

Prepare and submit to DEOB or Management (both when applicable).

Phase 3 - Building Your Dream Home

Creating Bids • Comparing Bids and Construction Oversight • Final Walkthrough

Creating Bids
Comparing Bids and Construction Oversight
Final Walkthrough

TNB sends out plans to select contractors and sets up site visits to ensure that they understand the scope and the site. Owners are encouraged to attend these so they can also meet the general contractor and get a sense of how they work. 

We prepare consultant and contractor bids to give you a true apples-to-apples comparison. After selecting contractor, we attend meeting weekly during construction to ensure work is progressing as scheduled and answer any questions that come up. 

When your space is complete we look forward to walking you through your new home.