Project Management

Comparing Bids: We’ll organize and compare bids from contractors, ensuring competitive pricing of the project in the final quote. 
 Construction Oversight: Throughout construction, we’ll maintain a presence on site to ensure the plans are followed closely. We’ll address any changes that arise and work collaboratively to find solutions.
 Keeping You Informed: Regular site visits, meeting minutes, and […]

Walking the Talk:

We’ll walk the GC through the site with you, making sure everyone’s on the same page regarding plans, project expectations and pricing.
 Sometimes it helps to see a contractor’s previous work. We are happy to arrange a walk through on someone else’s site if needed to make sure you have a good sense of their […]

Final Walkthrough

When your space is complete we look forward to walking you through your new home.

Comparing Bids and Construction Oversight

We prepare consultant and contractor bids to give you a true apples-to-apples comparison. After selecting contractor, we attend meeting weekly during construction to ensure work is progressing as scheduled and answer any questions that come up. 

Collaborating with Contractors:

We’ll review the final drawings with contractors that are a good fit for the project to ensure they understand the scope and can provide accurate costs and timelines.
 Matchmaking: We can introduce you to potential contractors to find the perfect fit for your project. Or you can bring your favorite contractor to us!