The work is over, it’s time to relax and enjoy your new home.

Final Touches

Whether your new house requires delivery and installation of preplanned furniture or movers who pack and move your existing belongings we have trusted partners who will clean and move you back in. 

Final Walkthrough

Before final payments are released, we’ll conduct a final walkthrough with the entire team, including you, the contractor, and any subcontractors involved to make sure your space is ready for move-in.
 Reviewing the Punch list: We’ll work with the contractor to review and approve their punch list, ensuring all minor details are completed to your satisfaction.

Project Management

Comparing Bids: We’ll organize and compare bids from contractors, ensuring competitive pricing of the project in the final quote. 
 Construction Oversight: Throughout construction, we’ll maintain a presence on site to ensure the plans are followed closely. We’ll address any changes that arise and work collaboratively to find solutions.
 Keeping You Informed: Regular site visits, meeting minutes, and […]

Walking the Talk:

We’ll walk the GC through the site with you, making sure everyone’s on the same page regarding plans, project expectations and pricing.
 Sometimes it helps to see a contractor’s previous work. We are happy to arrange a walk through on someone else’s site if needed to make sure you have a good sense of their […]

Design Integration:

To ensure seamless integration, we’ll coordinate with consultants like structural and mechanical engineers so that their plans and style align with your goals.
 We’ll also handle submitting the plans to relevant authorities like your building management or Co-op board, the City’s Department of Buildings, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission. We’ll work with those agencies to […]

Chaerin Kim

Junior Architect Chaerin graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture CCNY. In addition to her work at TNB she’s been published on architecture and is Co-founder/Senior Editor of Primaverarch based in New York.

Shannon Earnest

Intermediate Architect Shannon is a 2017 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Architecture. Currently working in NYC as an intermediate architectural designer, she excels at working closely with clients to bring their ideas to life. She has a special interest in sustainable projects

Neil Schwartz

RA CPHD LEED AP Neil founded TNB Architecture in 2015 to provide full service architecture to clients without the hassle of confusing and shifting timeframes and pricing. LEED and Passive House certified, Neil proves through his work that environmental solutions exist on a spectrum from certified Passive House to a “very good house,” and that TNB is […]

Final Walkthrough

When your space is complete we look forward to walking you through your new home.