The New Black approaches architecture holistically, designing interior and exterior spaces to seamlessly integrate with their surrounding environment. Our passion for new materials and improved building technologies has ensured that our projects are built to the exacting standards that our clients expect.

Through the innovative use of materials and emerging building technologies, we help clients achieve solutions for their spaces, maximizing desired results without compromising quality.

What services do we provide?

We provide full architectural services. This means we take care of everything, instead of you having to do a bit of each task. We coordinate all the actors needed to get your project done. We take care of permits and approvals. We explore layouts and design options based on your desires and needs, visit showrooms, get you quotes and samples to choose from. What do you get to do? Enjoy the process!

How does our process work?

When you schedule a consultation, we will reach out to get some information about your project to do research. This way, we can get to the Consultation call with a better understanding of the feasibility and work together on some ideas to get your project to where you want.

Once we start working with you, we will meet periodically to keep you updated on the project’s development and make decisions together. We will explore different layouts and inspirations to find what’s unique and special about your space and transform it to meet your needs and desires. You will be in charge of the fun part: look at inspirational images, imagine yourself in your desired space, and choose what you want it to be and how you want it to look.

Why should you hire an architect?

Starting an architectural project can be very stressful. Many stages and actors are involved and you can feel overwhelmed by it, or simply think you won’t have the time to pursue the whole process.

We know how to do it and will understand what you want to do: just let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

LEED Architectural Services in New York
Certified Passive House Designer Architectural Services in New York
LEED Architectural Services in New York