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    Based in Manhattan, TNB offers full-service architectural expertise. From the initial consultation through to project completion, we carefully manage and tailor the process to meet our clients’ needs, designing spaces that delight while minimizing surprises along the way.

    More than just a pretty house

    At TNB, we are LEED and Passive House certified, but our dedication to eco-friendly solutions extends beyond any single method or builder. We provide sustainable options for every budget and timeline. We recognize that there are always opportunities to make a positive impact.

    Upper West Side Apartment Remodel
    Brooklyn Townhouse Renovation - Modern Kitchen

    You don't need a project

    That’s our job, literally. We obsess over the details to ensure every phase of the process unfolds smoothly. When unexpected challenges arise, we’re right there on-site and on the phone, implementing solutions and making adjustments. We cannot wait to walk you through your new home.

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